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Are you looking for the best cryptocurrency affiliate programs also known as referral programs? Then you have come to the right place! You’ll find the highest paying Bitcoin affiliate programs from this article. There are ad networks you can use, products you can advertise and then of course there are the cryptocurrency exchange affiliate programs.

Here is a list of cryptocurrency affiliate programs you sign up to. Note: the affiliate percentages can change over time. They have been valid when this article has been written. Check each affiliate program to get the latest information.

Cryptocurrency wallet affiliate programs

Cryptocurrency hardware wallets are essential tools for crypto investors. They provide the ultimate safety for the funds and store the private keys offline. It is important to advertise trustworthy brands, that have already lots of happy customers. Currently there are two major brands in the business.

Ledger Nano S - The secure hardware wallet

Ledger affiliate program

Ledger is the manufacturer of the the leading hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. The best-known product is Ledger Nano S, which is sold to over million cryptocurrency traders already. They have recently updated the Ledger software as well, making it very easy to manage. You will earn 10% referral commission for each sale (net sale amount, excluding VAT and shipping). There are different banners available for advertisers to use.

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Trezor affiliate program

Trezor is another hardware wallet for cryptocurrencies. It is a similar product to Ledger Nano S and a very popular wallet especially in the United States. The price of Trezor is currently identical to Ledger Nano, so these two are very competitive. The design is a bit simpler, but both offer high-level security. Every sale referred by you can earn you up to 10% commission, depending on your rank in our affiliate system. There are different banners available for advertisers to use.

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Cryptocurrency exchange referral programs 

All cryptocurrency affiliate / referral programs work basically the same way. You have a referral code, which a person has to use in order to get signed up under your account. When a person is making a trade at the exchange, he or she must pay a commission. This fee is a small percentage of the trade, typically in a range of 0.05-0.1%. The bigger the trade, the bigger the fee.

An affiliate earns a commission of this fee. Currently these pay-outs are in a range of 20-40% of the trading fee. More your referrals trade, more commissions you earn.

Joining the referral programs is easy: all you need to do is open an account to yourself. After this you will get your personal referral link. You don't need to do any deposits to the account yourself.

binance pörssi

Binance referral program

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange. It has come to the market at 2017 and gained millions of customers very fast. Binance has a wide range of altcoins on offer and they are adding new ones every month.

The standard commission is 20%. However, you can grow it up to 40% by holding 500 Binance Coins (BNB) at your account.

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BitMEX affilitate program

BitMEX is the market leader for pro traders. The biggest action happens at BitMEX right now, where a trader can use up to 100:1 leverage on Bitcoin. You can earn a lot of money as a BitMEX affiliate if you can refer professional traders.

BitMEX commission go from 10% to 20% depending on the monthly volume of your referrals.

>> join the BitMEX affiliate program

Coinbase referral program

Coinbase is one of the best-known cryptocurrency exchange. Coinbase is located in the United States and it's reached well over 10 million customers over the years. Coinbase is a good option for peopel buying their first cryptocurrencies. It has a simple design and Coinbase also supports fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Coinbase will pay you Bitcoin worth 10$ (once) if your referral makes a purchase worth at least a 100$. Note, your referral also gets 10$ worth of Bitcoins, so it's a win-win!

>> join the Coinbase referral program

Coinmotion referral program

Coinmotion is the leading Scandinavian service for buying, selling and storing of cryptocurrency. It is operated by a Finnish fintech company Prasos. Coinmotion has been around for long time and it has a very solid reputation. It is a service designed for newcomers buying their first Bitcoins. Coinmotion is easy to use and it also supports fiat deposits and withdrawals.

Coinmotion's affiliate program was changed at June 2018. As an affiliate, you will now get 5% commission of all trading fees during the first year. The referred person gets a discount in trading fees for the first 30 days after creating the account. The discounted trading fee is 1,5%, which is a 25% discount to the normal 2% trading fee.

>> join the Coinmotion referral bonus program

KuCoin referral bonus program

KuCoin is also a newcomer in the cryptocurrency exchange market. It was opened at 2017 but gained a lot of popularity since. KuCoin has probably more altcoins than any other exchange. They also run competitions and offer KuCoin Shares, which help the users to earn monthly income as trading fee paybacks.

KuCoin's referral bonus is up to 20% of trading fees. There are three levels of invitees: A, B and C. The referral bonus is 8%, 12% and 20% respectively. KuCoin will issue the Referral Bonus every two hours. You can also get referral bonus from indirect invitees, meaning when people you invited also invite someone else.

>> join the KuCoin referral bonus program

LocalBitcoins referral program

LocalBitcoins is gaining more and more popularity in the emerging markets. It's a very well-known service and been around for long time. LocalBitcoins helps individuals to buy and sell Bitcoins in their own countries without a third party. Payments will be settled through an escrow service. This site is getting more popular every day in countries like Turkey, Iran, Venezuela, Argentina, where the local currency is collapsing.

You earn 20% commission on the trading fees from both participants, in total 40% of the fee. This is a very nice amount. The negative thing is that an user will be your referral only for three months.

>> join the LocalBitcoins referral program affiliate program is a cryptocurrency exchange, which has been in the market since 2013. It's quite easy to use and can be therefore recommended for newcomers as well. One can buy Bitcoins fast and easy with credit card and CEX offers 9 different cryptos with 5 different fiat currencies.

CEX affiliate program pays 30% of trading fees on all trade transactions made by referred users, including all their future purchases/sales. There is no time restriction, so you can enjoy unlimited referral fees.

>> join the CEX referral program


Other products

There are also some other products and services you can advertise at your website. Here are couple of examples.

CoinTracking affiliate program

CoinTracking is the leading software to track your cryptocurrency trades. It supports all the major cryptocurrency exchanges, so you can easily import the trades from Binance, KuCoin and such. CoinTracking will also make you a tax report, which is a very useful feature. The free version supports limited features.

The referred person will get 10% discount for all Account Upgrades. The referrer (you) will receive 20% of the purchase price. There are banners available as well. Scroll down to the bottom menu and click Press Images.

>> join the CoinTracking affiliate program


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